Last night, at the opening....

At first there was confusion and laughter.
Setareh's family was there, representing.
Berni took some great sneak-o-graphs.
Lots of people asked me questions about my work and I tried my best to explain myself.
My red crocodile sneaks were also there representing. 
Bomdad makes epic pose-out faces. 

Afterwards we met up with everyone at a super fancy restaurant.  Heated art related discussions ensued. 

Until they brought out cute mini deserts. 
They were small, but yummy.  I had one with caramel, until Bernadette took it away from me and I had to eat the coffee flavored one, which was good too.
The candles were electric and amusing.

We rode to the top floor in a huge glass elevator and looked out over all of DC.

I photographed my sneaks on the red carpet. 

All the girls posed out in the lobby. 
It was a really fun/rad night, thanks to all my friends who showed up. 
The show will be at the gallery until the 15th, if you hurry there might still be a few pieces left for sale. 



The wedding I photographed last Saturday was super-fun and slightly death defying due to the fact that Bomdad tried to stab me with the cake knife. Here are a few photos.

Bearhead update.


Sneak-O-Graph #8,412,284

Thank you, good night.

Beagle update.

Bearhead update

....overseeing post-production from this weekend's photo shoot.


I took the afternoon off to go skating.

At first there was a lot of bailing, everyone was trying epic tricks, then Chris applied a fresh coat of wax to the bench, a lucky black dog showed up, and everything flowed.


Saturday, Part Deux

Bomdad was also there representing, in full pose-out mode.