Here are a few photos of some of my favorite things that I've unpacked so far....like this Voltron action figure....

....and my collection of human teeth....

....and Happy Horse Head....

This is the first time in ten years of nomadic life that I've been able to unpack all of my boxes, it's a pretty awesome feeling.



a few frames from yesterday.


studio update

There is much organization still to go....but the new studio is shaping up nicely. Brenna digs it.



Our new place has a lot of great light....


Unpacking update

Some of the boxes had ominous and exciting titles....

We've been up to our eyeballs in boxes for the past few days. It's exciting to see some of the things that I haven't seen in almost a year, like all of my skulls and parts and pieces. I've been working diligently to assemble the studio into some sort of semi-productive state of being....


post-cheese-steak pose out session.

My brother came to visit for a few days. We went out for cheese steaks and pizza and then posed-out in the late afternoon sun.


The maelstrom of unpacking.

The dogs are stoked because they got to unpack some of their favorite toys.

Spirit made a cardboard box fort.

Brenna is trying to help me set up my new studio, it's slow going but good to have such a nice space, here's a little corner of chaos.


Move in update.

Spirit was stoked, then she clocked some Z's.

Brenna and I made shadows on the wall in the afternoon sun.

And I soon discovered a box containing my bull skull and gas mask.

Right now I'm posting from a coffee shop down the street, we won't have internet service for a few more days, but I'll try to post more stuff tomorrow.


Art for Sale!

There is a new way to purchase my work.  Go to this link.  You can even buy real photographic C-prints!


Movin' on up....

We're moving on Wednesday, so posts might be a bit spotty for the next few days, I'll try to keep up. 


some new things

I've been making lots of new things.  They still need to ruminate for a bit until they're ready for the finishing touches. 


Italian Article

An Italian art magazine wrote a cute little article about my work.  You can check it out here


In case you'd like to own one too.

You can now purchase my work online, just go to the Art Whino website (www.artwhino.com) and click the "store" link.  The inventory will be growing soon, feel free to e-mail the gallery if you don't see something you're looking for, or to inquire about commissions. 


Mt. Patrick

Here's another photo from Ireland that my brother just sent me. 


Shopping Trollies

My brother just returned from an epic adventure in Ireland.  These are a few preliminary photos he shot at Galway Bay.

Border Collies Represent Too.

There are a lot of skeletons at the Smithsonian.  The skeleton that they have to represent the domestic dog is that of a Border Collie. 


Kyle Zimmerman

One of my former students (and one of my best students) sent me some new stuff he's been working on.  Aquatints, a rad fish print, and some portraits.