Friday morning.

On Friday I photographed a service at Arlington National Cemetery for a female WWII veteran.


Fun things.....

Here are a few pictures from Christmas day, it was Tony's B-Day too.....Brenna got a new straight edge scarf, I got a skateboard, and Mike sang Karaoke.....



Christmas Eve

Tonight Tony and Bernadette had a pasta sauce cooking competition, we played scopa, I made Irish bread pudding and pototo pancakes, and then Mike gave me a new haircut.


Washington DC Christmas

Last night we went to check out the national Christmas tree and I took these pictures.


While I was in Palm Beach this past week I got a chance to see my parents, and brother, and Mollie.



self portrait of the day.....

.....in some elevator, somewhere in Palm Beach.


Here are a few of my favorite images from my shoot in Falls Church, VA this past Saturday. It was about 20 degrees outside, a normal winter temperature, unlike the surreal 75 degree weather that I am currently experiencing while I'm here in FL shooting photos this week.....