spirit update part II

Sometimes Spirit gets a little crazy. Not to be confused with "curmudgeonly" or "insane".



The other day I had a piece of cheese that was imported from Dublin. It was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten and I made this picture of it.


frame by frame

Brenna has my endorsment. She's definitely intense and even takes playing seriously. Other candidates have tried to imitate her tenacity, with no luck. You can’t fake “awesome” .


Spirit update

Spirit is stoked about Bren’s candidacy and will make sure she stays tough on important issues.



Mike stopped by for some coffee and Bernadette made the raddest pizza. There were no UFO sightings.


the gloaming

We’ve had numerous UFO sightings since we moved here. They’re especially prevalent in the summer although there have been a few zipping around this winter. Every time I try to photograph them I end up with nothing more than a nice sunset…..


How to...

Berni's mom taught us how to make Italian hard bread. It was awesome.

Sneak-O-Graph #4,576,977,484

While Brenna contemplates her run for office, her campaign advisors clock a few Z's. Remember, this election year, no cheating.



A photographic social commentary on evolution? Or maybe it's about de-evolution? Even in the midst of raving theocratical lunacy I prefer to think there's still hope.


bugs and art.

The best part of yesterday was hanging out in the insect zoo at the Natural History Museum. I met a hissing cockroach who was one of the coolest bugs that I’ve ever had crawling on me. Bernadette had a giant grasshopper crawling all over her and it kept looking right at the camera, and making gnarly-grasshopper-expressions. Oh, and I also did a high-fashion pose next to Dan Flavin.


Things that happened today

I photographed my delicious coffee.
Berni and I cooked pizza from scratch, crust and all.
Brenna did a solid impression of the Gmork.


snow day

Yesterday the upper atmosphere unleashed a maelstrom of frozen precipitation. We all raced outside to frolic in the winter wonderland. This was only the second time Brenna had ever seen snow and she was still completely stoked and Bernadette and I posed out for a portrait.


Screening your teleportations.

Last night Bernadette and I were invited to witness a rehearsal by one of the greatest bands currently lurking on the outskirts of Washington DC. Set By Satellite are some of the coolest guys around and I was excited to get a rare glimpse into their creative process. They rocked a few of my old favorites and rehearsed some brand new material. Here’s the proof.



Yesterday Brenna's paw fur looked like an elf shoe and the sunset was extra rad.



The clouds were rockin yesterday afternoon. I posed out for another self portrait and made more Brenna photos.


Toni's Brenna

Last night Toni drew the most amazing portrait of Brenna. It reminds of how rad it is to be a little kid and not have any self-conscious hang-ups about making art.


Cathartes Aura

There are a lot of vultures in our neighborhood. I photographed some that were feasting on deer scraps.


home again.

After hours of waiting around the airport I finally caught a flight back home. I love to travel but it's always nice to get back. The dogs were happy and we spent a bunch of time playing today.