"Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb."

trans: " a windy day is not the day to be fixing your thatch (roof)"
today was not windy, I spent 10 hours editing, here's one of my favorites so far.
more soon.


It'll probably be midweek before I get any of the wedding photos posted so until then here's a shot of Adare Castle. Built in 1202.


still at it.

I just wanted to assure everyone that I'm still hard at work sorting through over 7,000 images and will make a few epic posts as soon as possible. Here's a shot of me at work in my hotel room in Adare.


'twas a grand time

The wedding was yesterday at an Irish Catholic Church that was built in 1230. It's been the best week ever and I met some super cool people. Look for epic wedding posts over the next few weeks. Until then here are a few random shots.


Barroom Heroes and Drunken Lullabies

Today is a busy day and I don't have much time for posting, the wedding party arrived yesterday and I can some up the day's events with this simple dyptic.


a few other photos I made yesterday

After our portrait session I walked around a bit more and made this pose-out shot as well as a few others. Hooray for hyper-focal-focusing, and the guy who taught me all about it, before I met him I didn't even know what a light meter was!



Brooke and John have been quite busy with all of the inherent issues of planning a wedding overseas but this morning we had a chance to go out for a few portraits. I really wanted to shoot at Adare Castle, which was built in 1202 but when we got there it was in a state of disrepair and all fenced in and locked up, so with total disregard for the authorities we scaled the wall and went in to have a look around. If you want to view more pictures here’s a slideshow.

self portrait on a crazy irish sofa

fresh from codladh sámha (irish for "a good nights sleep") which was much appreciated after being awake for almost 40 hrs) and a grand irish breakfast that included some remarkable soda bread that was the closest to my grandmother's that I've ever tasted, I made this quick self portrait of myself with a james joyce book, and in the background the pogues are playing on the stereo. Ha! I have a few minutes to myself and then it's off to try and produce a portrait session. Hopefully I'll have some really good shots to post later.



.....pronounced "slaw-in-cha". It's early afternoon in Ireland, I'm here for a week shooting a wedding in Adare. More soon.


a quick post before I head out the door.....

With the bit of free time I've had recently I've been composing a bunch of new songs, definitely influenced by some of my favorite song writers, hopefully I'll be able to record them sometime in the near future, when I do I'll post them on my music page.



Tomorrow I'm leaving for an epic journey, I'll try to post while I'm on the road, hopefully the technology will be available. Until then here's a shot of Spirit, guess who she's doing an impression of...



Strong winds knocked out the power in the whole town for two days, which was quite eerie. It was 15 degrees outside. We were saved by a stovetop coffee pot. Brenna was saved from freezing to death by her quick thinking and ingenuity; she fastidiously constructed a fort under the sofa, made of pillows and a rad skeleton blanket. If only we could have a president with half her talent.



something from yesterday.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, I watched from the sidelines with apprehension, but Bernadette, who is much more mature than I am, took the opportunity to go 'round to the church with the her nieces and check out the situation, when she got home I made this portrait.


the word on the street

While the wacky candidates dish out their insanity in the primaries, Bren has her eye on victory in November.

frame by frame part II

Yep, Bren's crazy.


auspicious foreshadowing

I’ve been contemplating past photo safaris; most of the best ones have been spent, in some capacity, with Maj. C. R. Robinson. Today I spotted this shopping cart with a sleeping bag pouring out.


Bernadette taught me how to make homemade pizza.


Yesterday was icy.


The more photos I take of Brenna the harder it gets to make ones that are new and exciting but I'm rather excited about this one too.