....and Mike left his shoes behind.

On Thursday I sent Chris this electronic transmission:
"Friday=Skate Day?"
He responded :
"I'm in."
We rolled out to a quaint little spot in Sterling for an afternoon street session. Mike showed up a few minutes later and ripped. Then Saroush appeared out of nowhere and pulled crazy unidentifiable flip tricks like it was his job. Chris also had the smoothest backside nose slide that I've ever personally witnessed.


work in progress update Vol. I

I've begun work on some new stuff for the show in May. Even though it's a group show it should still be really cool. Stay tuned for more info.


Today Brenna pulled this face because she was stoked on some new work I've been making. Also, here's some Brenna trivia for those of you who are fans of the Never Ending Story, Bren's nickname is The Gmork.

hard at work? hmm....

John and Brooke just sent me this photo of myself photographing them during a portrait session.


the real deal

Unlike some of us who only get rad on occasion, Brenna gets rad daily.


Went to another hockey game last night.
Chris scores goals like a madman.
Here's an artsy hockey photo.


skateboarding is my favorite thing in the whole world

Last night Chris, Mike, and Myself all got rad with an epic mini ramp session. There's nothing like shredding the perfect homemade mini to brighten your day.


Persian New Year

Yesterday was also Persian New Year and I got to hang out with two of my favorite people and meet some great new friends. Thanks to Ashey and Bomdad for making the best food ever.


...mike gave phil a new hairdo, kids made easter bread, and there was an epic egg hunt.


don't worry ben.

Not long after I started my photo business a good friend of mine expressed concern that I would become enveloped in business and neglect my art, but never fear, I've begun constructing three new books and will be showing five paintings in a show that opens in May at ART WHINO, one of the best galleries in the DC area, watch out!.