Time Lapse Commission

I just finished up this reproduction of Harmony for a collector who was bummed that the original had already been sold.  Click here for the time-lapse footage. 


Studio Update (details)

The other day I discovered this Tiki mug at a thrift store in town.  I also discovered a new species of weird blue bug hanging out on one of my paintings.


Another day at the factory.

Bernadette made this picture of me today, working on a commissioned reproduction of "Harmony".


Epic Update

I just finished doing some mega-updates to my website, lots of new photos and paintings.  


Soroush's graduation party

On Sunday we went to a graduation party for Soroush.  There was a great deal of marshmallow roasting.
I made this high-fashion skate portrait. 
Bomdad and Ashey cooked a ton of amazing food, as per usual. 

Then we had an epic suburban cull-de-sac skate session.  Bernadette shot these photos and even managed to snap a shot of me landing something. 


Sunday at the Smithsonian

Yesterday we went downtown to check out some museums and tourist around.  First stop, insect petting zoo. 
Large crickets and hissing cockroaches. 

Then we saw a giant sculpture of intestines. 
And were probably most impressed by the four Vermeer paintings that were on loan.  Neither of us had seen a Vermeer in real life.  
I was also awe struck by some Matisse's, but who wouldn't be?
Then I made a shadow portrait. 


Opening Night

The opening tonight went great, my best friends were there. 
Chris was stoked and we discussed potential future art-collaboration projects (stay tuned). 
Bernadette mused over one of my jellyfish paintings.....
....and then made this face.
Michelle showed up too, which was very cool because I haven't seen her in years!
Setareh and Shane (the gallery owner) thoroughly discussed art, existentialism, etc...
Erik Abel was the headlining artist and I was honored to be showing at the same gallery. When we arrived he had just finished painting this giant fish.
Bernadette contemplated some of Erik's work (which was quite rad).
Afterwards we went to a fancy restaurant and I made this portrait of Bernadette because she was looking really hot. 
Then I made a portrait of my fancy french fries....
....and Chris' oyster. 
And this was the self-portrait of the day.


Here's a last minute post before we head out the door to go to the show.  I've been archiving a bunch of stuff over the past few days, I found this fun shot hiding in a virtual shoe-box of images. Brenna peeking in the window of my old studio in Miami. 

one-line-pigeon-drawing of the day

Don't forget to come out to the show tonight. 


Something form the Archives.

I found this shot while I was archiving some images today.  I think it was taken about 2-3 years ago, when I was out in NM for the opening of a show that Craig and I had at the University of New Mexico, Ben drove down from Santa Fe and shot photos.   It was an extra-rad time because two of my all time favorite artists and best friends were there! 

A wedding I photographed on Saturday

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this wedding was the extra-rad red velvet curtain that totally reminded me of the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks